Course Marshal

Ride Marshals act as Safety Ambassadors by sharing cycling advice and encouraging safe cycling behaviors. Ride Marshals may also perform the role of first responders at accident scenes along ride routes and identify unsafe cyclists to ride officials. In addition, Ride Marshals are often willing to provide basic assistance to riders who may experience problems, such as flat tires, along the route.

Rider Marshal

Directs cyclists to turn the appropriate way at specific intersections. Advise cyclists to stay within traffic cones. Assist and work with uniformed officers who will be directing traffic out of the course.

Station Support Volunteer

Station Support area volunteers cover a multitude of important tasks including the setup and breakdown of rest areas, directing bike traffic, preparing and handing out snacks/drinks, and providing information to participants and spectators.

  • David Walker
    Founder - 1973
  • Richard Cox
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