Accepting Crypto donations through Fidelity Charitable

Team Unity Incorporated can accept
stock and crypto donations through
Fidelity Charitable.

Whereas you will be able to donate stock to Team Unity Incorporated, support it’s beneficial programs, and receive a full tax benefit and enjoy the benefits of your donation.

Please email: for more information.
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This includes but not limited to proposing and endorsing strategies throughout the education system that were developed to assist facilitators responding to the many issues created by rapidly changing demographics and challenges of their student populations; therefore, creating inclusive learning environments.
Team Unity partners this message through Health Nutrition and Wellness, Culinary Arts, Performing Arts, Athletic Mentorship Programming, Social Justice and Relief Efforts.
This nonprofit will also endorse educational curriculum that incorporate knowledge about the histories, cultures, and contributions of diverse groups, and it assumes that the future of all societies are pluralistic. As a public charity, Team Unity, Inc. will fund raise through exhibitions, performances, publications and athletic events that promote cultural criticism; promoting decision-making and critical thinking while moving toward pluralism.

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