Since 1994, Team Unity, Inc., 501 (c) 3 nonprofit, has devoted its energy
to passionately advocating for the need of Multicultural Education in our
schools and community, most notably through the Arts, Culinary and the Sciences.
We also endorse educational curriculums that incorporate knowledge about the
histories, cultures, and contributions of diverse groups, and assume that
the future of all societies will be pluristic.

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

Team Unity is proud to partner with “Welcome to WE” A leader in DEI Training. Over the past decade, WE has facilitated experiences for thousands of people to explore how to connect deeply with themselves, each other, and their communities.

WE believe that diverse and connected relationships are the future of wellbeing and what it means to truly belong. re-engage employees, create psychological safety and trust, and teach diversity and inclusion through our methodology of Relational Mindfulness®.
Find learn more and explore “Welcome to We”

What is equality?

At its core, equality means fairness: we must ensure that individuals, or groups of individuals, are not treated less favourably because of their protected characteristics.
Equality also means equality of opportunity: we must also ensure that those who may be disadvantaged can get the tools they need to access the same, fair opportunities as their peers.

What is diversity?

Diversity is recognising, respecting and celebrating each other’s differences. A diverse environment is one with a wide range of backgrounds and mindsets, which allows for an empowered culture of creativity and innovation.

What is Inclusion?

Inclusion means creating an environment where everyone feels welcome and valued. An inclusive environment can only be created once we are more aware of our unconscious biases, and have learned how to manage them.